Home Program


HomeFront administers housing rehabilitation grants for low income qualified single family homeowners. Grant funds for the housing rehabilitation programs are dependent on the availability of state and federal funding allocations.

The HOME Program funds a variety of activities through partnerships with counties, towns, villages, cities, private developers and community-based non-profit housing organizations. The program provides funds to rehabilitate or provide assistance to low- income home-buyers. Contact HomeFront at 518-747-8250 for more information on the Homebuyer Program.

A HOME Program grant may fund between $25,000 and $50,000 for single-family home rehabilitation. Repairs may include roof repair or replacement, plumbing and heating repairs, electrical updates, porch repairs or replacement and accessibility projects.

To determine whether or not you are income-qualified for a HOME Program grant, see link below. If you are income-qualified, you may submit a pre-application for our review and to secure your position on the wait-list.

Income Limits

Persons in Family   Income
1 $44,200
2 $50,500
3 $56,800
4 $63,100
5 $68,150