Housing Rehabilitation

HomeFront administers housing rehabilitation grants for income qualified single-family homeowners. Grant funds for the housing rehabilitation programs are dependent on the availability of state and federal funding allocations.

The following are programs we offer to qualified homeowners:

HOME Program – funds up to $25,000 in home repairs.

RESTORE Program – funds up to $10,000 for emergency home repairs for homeowners over the age of 60.

EMERGENCY Home Repair Fund – funds up to $500 for a one-time only occurrence.

Mobile and Manufactured Home Replacement Program – Replacement of dilapidated mobile homes for qualified homeowners.

Downtown Revitalization

HomeFront authors and administers New York Main Street Grants for Washington County Towns and Villages. 

The New York Main Street Program is a matching grant for downtown building owners and awards can be up to $50,000 per building.  Renovations may include exterior repairs and replacements such as painting, roofing and masonry and interior repairs such as electrical, plumbing, sheetrock, furnace replacement, flooring, windows and doors.

Municipalities are encouraged to contact HomeFront to schedule a meeting with staff to discuss the program for their communities. Staff is available to meet with town and village board members if needed.

Materials are available upon request.