Mobile & Manufactured Home Replacement

This is probably going to sound too good to be true, but keeping reading…..
The program I’m reaching out about today is our Mobile & Manufactured Home Replacement Program. This program provides up to $100,000 to replace a mobile or manufactured home that is in bad condition. We have 2 slots still available for this program. Here are some of the eligibility requirements:
1. You must own the home and the land it sits on, and you must have lived there for at least 1 year. You will need to be able to show us a deed for the property.
2. Your income must be below 80% of median based on household size.
1 person – $42,150 per year
2 person – $48,150 per year
3 person – $54,150 per year
4 person – $60,150 per year
Please be aware that if your income is too low, you may also be deemed ineligible. You must be able to afford upkeep of the home, potentially increased property taxes, homeowner’s insurance, and your other living expenses.
3. You will need to have homeowners insurance on the property, or be willing to carry insurance after the new home is installed.
4. Your property taxes must be paid up to date.
You will be required to sign a note and mortgage, but as long as you live in the home for 10 years you never have to pay any of it back.
I know this is a lot of information.
If you know anyone who could benefit from this program, and you think they would qualify, please have them contact our office at 518-747-8250 and I will put them in touch with Sharon, who is administering this particular program.