About Us

HomeFront Development Corporation is a private, nonprofit organization established in 1989 for the purpose of assisting communities in and around Washington County through housing rehabilitation, affordable senior rental housing, downtown revitalization and community development and counseling programs.

Since 1991, HomeFront has been awarded over $10 million dollars in grant funding to serve low- income residents in Washington and Warren Counties.

HomeFront Seeks To:

  • Develop and implement affordable housing programs
  • Develop, own and manage safe and affordable senior rental apartments
  • Rehabilitate single-family owner-occupied housing
  • Revitalize deteriorating neighborhoods
  • Create new home ownership opportunities
  • Create jobs in the local housing industry

HomeFront Works With:

  • Community leaders
  • Other nonprofit organizations
  • Local, state and federal government agencies, and civic groups.
  • Banking and lending institutions

What Can HomeFront Do For Me?

  • HomeFront can assist home owners with home repair needs
    • Grants are awarded when funds are available
    • We will work with you to complete application requirements
  • Senior Rental Housing
    • Refer you to available units
    • Assist with rental subsidy referral for first month’s rent
  • Referral for homelessness prevention education
    • Referral to family action planning
    • Skills analysis and referrals
    • Family budgeting
  • HomeFront can help you become a home owner, if you qualify for our affordable home ownership programs when funds are available within Washington County
  • Offer home ownership education

Looking Ahead into the Future

Through HomeFront’s efforts, we have encouraged and provided economic opportunity for local lenders, Realtors, appraisers, attorneys, title companies, and many local building and reconstruction contractors. We have increased local business sales of building materials, household appliances and remodeling supplies.

Networking and cooperative agreements have been developed with many nonprofit agencies, municipal government offices, state and federal agencies, and private businesses to reduce duplicating services, to coordinate agency services and to leverage state and federal funds for Washington County.

The direct client benefit is HomeFront’s ability to blend many client needs with housing repair and purchase needs to assist lower income individual and families’ affordable housing needs.